Latest News from Strictly Worcestershire 2017

Photo Gallery

Event producers Granville Orange and Julia Williams with Chris and Teresa Green of SW4 media partners Chris Green Media.
Photo: FT Images.
The SW4 team is busy working with our sponsors, including joint main sponsor A1 Recruitment Solutions, to deliver the biggest, most successful charity fund-raising event of its kind in the county. Pictured with event co-producer Granville Orange is Tom Easen, business development director at A1.

Strictly Worcestershire co-producers Granville Orange and Julia Williams. Photo: FT Images.
The SW4 family.

The Supreme Showgirls will be bringing Vegas style glamour to Strictly Worcestershire.
Singer Polly Edwards will be entertaining guests in our VIP reception. Polly and Kringo Blue are an elegant duo based in the West Midlands who perform an array of creative covers.

This colourful AMCO truck will be spreading the word about Strictly Worcestershire thanks to the company's CEO and SW4 contestant Paul Andrews, who is pictured with his wife and dance partner Rachel. Keep an eye out for the truck on the county's roads and beyond in the run up to May 25.