Seize your chance to dance!

If you're one of the ones glued to the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing and sitting there thinking 'Oh I wish I could have a go at that!' Then do it because you can!! It is THE best thing I have ever done! Jon took a little convincing when I suggested it but excited by a challenge he agreed and never once regretted it. Anyone who loves dancing (doing it or watching it) should have a go and the best thing is you don't have to be able to dance before you start, so cannot use the excuse 'but I can't dance' you can and you will! The whole journey of Strictly Worcestershire is fabulous, I can't really put it into words, you need to feel it! The build up, the learning, being part of a big fundraiser is really thrilling and the night is just amazing! Fabulous team doing your hair, makeup, spray tans, the production team, everyone looks after you along the way, and ladies choosing your dresses is one of the best bits! Everyone should experience Strictly, if I could do it all over again every year I would!! So don't think about it just do it! You will love every second!" 2017 champions Fiona Watson and Jon Bell.

“Do something YOU want to show-off to those 800 people. Give them a show they won’t forget and push a little boundary somewhere, you won’t regret it!” – 2015 champion and 2016 MC Hursty. 

Have our previous contestants inspired you to take part in Strictly Worcestershire 2018?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Eight couples from the Worcestershire business world are invited to step it out and groove on down in a bid to claim the prestigious glitterball trophy. Entry is free.

Each of our contestant couples will perform two ballroom category or ballroom inspired routines of around two minutes each to a music track of their choice – accompanied by spectacular lighting and effects.

Couples can be complete novices or accomplished, but not professional dancers, and will be marked by our esteemed panel of judges and audience members.

As part of the Strictly Worcestershire experience, couples will be required to regularly submit pictures, posts and video clips of rehearsal sessions for inclusion on this website and all Strictly Worcestershire social media platforms.

If you are interested in taking part, please email us at

Good luck and staaaaaart dancing!

All proceeds to Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer. Partners - Nexus Creative, Project, AGCountryHomes, Chris Green MEdia, Intasound PA.