Latest News from Strictly Worcestershire 2017

Taking Part

“Do something YOU want to show-off to those 800 people. Give them a show they won’t forget and push a little boundary somewhere, you won’t regret it!” – 2015 champion and 2016 MC Hursty. 
“Shimmy to Bob Warman. Shake it to Lord Digby. Lose yourself and always remember to smile (or else your teacher will be disappointed)! We are all fighting a battle nobody knows about but together we can fight it better! #keepdancing” – 2015 contestant Dan Lewis 

Nine couples from the Worcestershire business world have accepted the SW4 challenge and will step it out and groove on down in a bid to claim the prestigious glitterball trophy.

Each of our contestant couples will perform two ballroom category or ballroom inspired routines of around two minutes each to a music track of their choice – accompanied by spectacular lighting and effects.

All contestant photos by FT Images


Fiona Watson and
Jonathan Bell.

Charlotte Page and George

Tracy and Anthony Lowe.

Rachel and Paul Andrews.

Sarah Preece and Nick Griffiths


Anita Gatehouse and
Derek Simmonds.

Andy and Karen Haynes.

Ryan Shemwell and Lauren Baker